Security class 3 100% bumping resistance Maximum protection against drilling 100% protection against lock picking General master keyed system Outdoor conditions
PLUTO 50 padlock
  • security padlock, certified in accordance with the ČSN EN 12320
  • massive zinc body resistant to brute force and breaking
  • ø 10 mm covered, hardened shackle secured on both sides is resistant to cutting, sawing and prying
  • shackle pops open after unlocking, padlock is locked by pushing the shackle in
  • possibility of Keying Alike at locksmith service centres
  • identification label is included in the package to prevent unauthorised key duplication
  • colour options - black, grey
  • PLUTO 50 TECH - padlock with the unique TOKOZ TECH locking system
  • PLUTO 50 - mechanism locked by rotating discs is resistant to bumping, lockpicking and drilling and provides reliability even in extreme climatic conditions
  • PLUTO G 50 - with FAB and GUARD security cylinders resistant to drilling and hook picking, even in a prolonged version (Long)
  • PLUTO G 50 - compatible with the KABA and GEGE systems, supplied even without a cylinder
  • PLUTO padlocks present a fusion of security and user friendliness
  • due to their size and high quality, they serve as a convenient additional security tool for both the  interior and the exterior