Security class 4 Keyed alike General master keyed system Industrial areas Double doors
GOLEM G60 padlock
• high-security padlock, certified in accordance with the ČSN EN 12320, using the ČSN EN 1627
• possibility of Keying Alike, General Master Keyed systems, even with door cylinders
• padlock body made of chromium manganese hardened cement steel is resistant to brute force, drilling and breaking
• ø 12 mm covered, hardened shackle is secured on both sides and provides increased resistance to cutting, sawing and prying
• shackle pops open after unlocking, padlock is locked by pushing the shackle in
• supplied with the GUARD security cylinder resistant to drilling and lockpicking
• security card preventing undesired key duplication included in the package


  • GOLEM G60 Long is a GUARD cylinder version, with a prolonged shackle to enable locking in less accessible spaces
  • compatible with the KABA and GEGE systems, supplied even without a cylinder
  • its robustness and high level of security destines the GOLEM padlock to secure large buildings and valuable objects
  • recommended use with the TOKOZ BP GOLEM hasp or ø 10 mm chain