Security class 4 100% bumping resistance Maximum protection against drilling 100% protection against lock picking Protection against snapping Keyed alike General master keyed system Outdoor conditions Gates, doors Doors Double doors Vehicles, motorcycles and quads Working tools Garden equipment Vans and utility vehicles
Double-sided shutter padlock PRO
  • high security double-sided shutter padlock, certified according to EN 12320 (RC 4), using EN 1627 (RC 4)
  • fitted with the TOKOZ PRO security locking system
  • the locking system is protected by a dust and rain cover, for use in extreme conditions
  • the mechanism is locked by means of rotary latches
  • hardened (HARDENED) shank ø 12 mm
  • recommended for use with Anti-jammer lock
  • possibility of unification to a common lock (SU) with all TOKOZ PRO products
  • Main and master key option (SGHK) with TOKOZ PRO products
  • Supplied as standard with five keys and a security card to prevent unwanted key duplication
Variants of the double-sided shutter padlock:
  • double-sided shutter padlock with counterparts


Variants of the shutter padlock:
  • One-sided shutter padlock PRO
Use of:
  • universal high security lock
  • works reliably even in difficult climatic conditions (water, frost, dust, grease)
  • recommended to be combined with certified chains or chains in the same security class
  • Suitable for extremely strong chain connections for any application
  • robust lock suitable for securing external doors, gates, smaller buildings (garages, various storage areas, building cells)
  • suitable for locking things to the wall with a chain, e.g.: work tools and machines, small tractors and other vehicles, containers, ...