Small padlocks


Keyed alike Outdoor conditions Locker rooms Wire program Double doors
BETA padlock

• solid brass padlock body guarantees high corrosion resistance
• surface finish - satin nickel
• ø 8 mm chromium, hardened shackle with increased resistance to cutting, sawing and prying
• shackle secured from both sides
• shackle pops open after unlocking
• padlock is locked by pushing the shackle in without using the key
• possibility of Keying Alike


• beta padlocks belong among the cheaper products on the market, yet they excel in manufacturing quality, modern design and user friendliness
• suitable for both interior and exterior use, for securing doors, locker rooms, lockers, basements, huts, luggage, suitcases, etc.

BETA 30 - ø 4.8 mm shackle
BETA 40 - ø 6.4 mm shackle
BETA 50 - ø 8 mm shackle
BETA 50 long - prolonged shackle