Security class 2 Keyed alike Outdoor conditions Double doors
Record 113/50+ with 6 keys
• classified by testing facilities in the 2nd resistance class in compliance with the ČSN EN
• butterfly cylinder mechanism guarantees reliability even in extreme climatic conditions (water, dust, humidity, snow, …) 
• steel cup body resists brute force and hardened underside provides drilling protection
• system can not be locked unless the shackle is fully pushed into padlock body
• ø 9 mm removable, hardened shackle is secured on both sides and provides increased resistance to cutting, sawing and prying
• maximum pull out resistance due to 8 point shackle anchoring system
• increased resistance to breaking by prying the padlock body open from the underside
• special inner mechanism securing which enables use at vibrating devices (car trailer, boats, etc.)
• water drainage holes in cover plate
• impossible to open with old type key even if the disc combination is identical
• high resistance (maintenance - lubrication once a year)
• surface finish: painted body, galvanised shackle

• traditional lock suitable for securing various external gates, doors, minor buildings (sheds, residential containers), external cases (distribution points)
• recommended use with TOKOZ hasps and bars