Security class 5 100% bumping resistance Maximum protection against drilling 100% protection against lock picking General master keyed system Outdoor conditions
GAMA 70 CS, OS, RS padlock
  • high-security padlock, certified in accordance with the ČSN EN 12320 (resistance class 5), using the ČSN EN 1627 (resistance class 4) and the NSA (National Security Authority)
  • meets class 2 STER according BRL 3104 and NEN 5089: 2009 if the product is indelibly marked with the SKG mark
  • fitted with the TOKOZ PRO security locking system
  • mechanism locked using revolving discs
  • hardened steel body resistant to brute force, drilling and breaking
  • ø 14 mm hardened shackle
  • silver or black colour surface finish
  • possibility of Keyed Alike systems with all TOKOZ PRO products
  • possibility of General Master Keyed systems (SGMK) with the TOKOZ PRO products
  • standardly supplied with 3 keys and a security card preventing key duplication
  • CS - covered shackle for increased protection against cutting and sawing 
  • OS - opened shackle for easier handling
  • RS - removable shackle for easier handling in less accessible spaces

  • universal high-security padlock
  • reliable even in extreme climatic conditions (water, freezing temperatures, dust, grease)
  • we recommend combining with certified hasps and chains in the corresponding resistance class

Gama_70_RS_2          gama_70_CS_black