These systems are intended for double or single doors and are replacing the traditional padlocks combined with hasps or bars. It is an innovated version of TOKOZ bars. Their big asset is the simplicity of control. The door opens with one swift movement of the key and everything remains on the door. No padlock or other element impedes your hands.


Security class 4 General master keyed system Outdoor conditions Vehicles, motorcycles and quads Working tools Garden equipment

A hard surface anchor system with a chain for securing mobile objects. It is suitable for securing motorbikes, quad bikes, lawn tractors, etc. It is extremely resistant to brute force and classified in the highest resistance class.

  • certified in accordance with THE ČSN EN 1627 (RC 4)
  • can be fastenED to various places: screwed onto brick walls, fasten to floors or welded onto metal surfaces
  • easy to exchange single cylinders with dimension 27-33 mm, can also be supplied without cylinder
  • high security class due to covered pin
  • chrome-manganese steel pin, hardened and corrosion resistant (ion nitration) surface
  • body made of chromium manganese hardened steel resistant to extreme brute force
  • base plates made of weldable steel with hardened surface (cemantation), surface finish -  zinc-blue chrome, painted
  • countersunk screws that prevent the anchor from being pulled out of the ground
  • possibility of integration into Keyed Alike, Master Keyed and General Master Keyed systems and interconnection with TOKOZ PRO and TOKOZ TECH cylinders
  • standardly supplied with 3 keys
  • X SAFETY BOX is protected as a Utility Model no. 18557
  • supplied with single cylinder TOKOZ PRO 400
  • supplied with single cylinder GUARD
  • supplied without single cylinder
CAUTION: supplied without chain - required length chain must be ordered with the product