Sets of bars and padlocks developed specifically to be used on garage doors, gates and similar entry points. Due to their construction the bars as well as the padlocks endure extreme climatic conditions. Fantastic value for money.

TOKOZ UZ 220 Lockable Bar

TOKOZ UZ 220 Lockable Bar
Security class 2 General master keyed system Outdoor conditions Gates, doors Double doors
  • double door bar
  • 4 mm thick steel sheet arms resistant to sawing, drilling and prying
  • resistance increased by housing padlock shackle inside bar arms
  • mechanical lock breaking impeded by special bar design
  • attachment bolts included
  • surface finish - high resistance base paint  
  • advantages of PRO model:
  • PRO locking system resistant to bumping and lockpicking,  reliable even in extreme climatic conditions
  • possibility to combine with all TOKOZ PRO products - compatible with all keyed systems (KA, SGMK), even with door cylinders
  • Lockable Bar TOKOZ UZ 220+ - supplied with TOKOZ RECORD 113/50 + padlock
  • Lockable Bar TOKOZ UZ PRO 220 - supplied with EXTREME PRO padlock