Sets of bars and padlocks developed specifically to be used on garage doors, gates and similar entry points. Due to their construction the bars as well as the padlocks endure extreme climatic conditions. Fantastic value for money.

BZ 200 - Security Bar

BZ 200 - Security Bar
Outdoor conditions Gates, doors Double doors
  • for locking double gates and doors
  • bar body - steel sheet pressing, 6 mm thickness
  • mechanical lock breaking impeded by special bar design
  • package contains high strength bolts
  • recommended in set with 113/50 RECORD padlock (it is necessary to order the padlock separately)
  • surface finish - powder painted
  • BZ 200 L - left model: bar body weldment is on the left side
  • BZ 200 R - right model: bar body weldment is on the right side