Due to their size and quality the TOKOZ hasps are unique products on the European market! Completed by TOKOZ padlocks they constitute an ideal safety solution.

BP GOLEM/GAMA - Security Hasp

BP GOLEM/GAMA - Security Hasp
Security class 4 Outdoor conditions Industrial areas Gates, doors Double doors

The BP Golem/BP Gama Security hasp (depending on combination with the respective recommended TOKOZ padlock).

  • hasp made of hardened alloy steel with surface cementation impeding sawing, drilling and prying
  • galvanised pin secured against knocking out
  • secured against pulling out by steel countersheets
  • refined attachment bolts included in package
  • surface finish: powder painted body, galvanised eyelet
  • possibility of customer marking on latch
  • BP GOLEM - recommended in set with GOLEM 70 padlocks
  • BP GAMA - recommended in set with GAMA 70 CS and GAMA 60 CS padlocks
  • BS GOLEM - security set BS GOLEM hasp with GOLEM 70 padlock