US 260 - Drain Anchor

US 260 - Drain Anchor
Outdoor conditions Industrial areas

A specially developed security bolt for securing drains, shafts and underground manholes. 


What problems does the US 260 - Drain anchor solve?

• prevents theft and other acts of vandalism
• protects people from falling into open shafts and vehicles from damage
• eliminates bumps of grates caused by regular traffic
• reduces noise and banging when driven over
• prolongs lifespan of grates
• enables comfortable access of authorised persons, even in freezing temperatures
• reduces need of police and service inspections of exposed or public sites


Product characteristics:

• installation of the anchor system does not impact the drain grate properties or affect its possible certification
• possibility of using on already installed grates
• use of the product is not dependant on the grid type or frame, and the product fitting does not require any changes in the grid dimensions
• the anchor system is controlled by a special key which is custom made for each respective customer
• you can choose the driving lug shape from our range, have it custom made for the key you are already using, or we can manufacture it based on your own design

We offer consulting and assembly in your company or at a designated place. In case of interest, we can even provide assembly workers to assemble the product per your instruction.         

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