Cam Lock PRO

Cam Lock PRO
100% bumping resistance Maximum protection against drilling Keyed alike General master keyed system Locker rooms

The Cam Lock PRO is compatible with the TOKOZ PRO locking system offering another possibility of implementation into the standard Master Keyed and General Master Keyed systems. The lock is mainly suitable for electrical distributors, but you can also use it to secure any type of cabinet.

  • fitted with TOKOZ PRO locking system
  • possibility of Keyed Alike systems (KA) integrated with TOKOZ PRO products
  • posiibility of Master Keyed and General Master Keyed system (SGMK) with TOKOZ PRO products
  • high resistance to drilling and 100% resistance to lockpicking and bumping
  • reliable even in extreme climatic conditions
  • certified in accordance with the EN 1303 RC, related key 6
  • designed to lock lockers, switchboard cabinets, etc.
  • single position lock
  • 2 types of cam in packaging - straight and bent, ordering of two extra cam dimensions possible
  • supplied with 3 keys