US 250 - Cover Securing

US 250 - Cover Securing

A specially designed device for securing sewers and underground shafts. The device is attached to the inner side of a cover, gate, door or grille rendering it impossible to remove by standard workshop tools.

  • prevents cover stealing and acts of vandalism
  • restricts unauthorised access into municipal underground
  • eliminates spontaneous cover popping caused by heavy vehicles
  • reduces cover noise and clatter when driven over
  • prolongs cover lifespan
  • protects individuals from falling into open shafts and vehicles from damage
  • protects covers from being pried, pulled out or popped out during floods
  • enables problem-free access of authorised persons, even in extreme climatic conditions (dust, freezing temperatures, snow, …)
  • protects shafts and sewers from hazardous material placement during terrorist attacks (airports, squares, football stadiums, …)
  • reduces need for police and service inspections at exposed or public sites


The lock has been developed for a wide range of covers, and it is not necessary to change the type or dimensions thereof. It is possible to attach the device to the covers directly at the cover manufacturer’s site or later when the covers have been installed in the roads. The security device attachment does not interfere with the cover’s properties or affect its possible certification.

  • we provide a 5 year product warranty
  • lock body made of deep-drawing steel with corrosion resistance surface treatment according to the ČSN EN ISO 9227
  • locking mechanism made of hardened surface steel resistant to abrasion and rust
  • locking mechanism smooth function is ensured by special lubrication oil with anti-wash out substance
  • protected as a Utility Model no. 18863

  • US 250 - Cover Type I
  • US 250 - Cover Type II
  • US 250 - Cover Type KASI
  • US 250 - Cover Type REXEL