The TOKOZ TECH is a locking system resistant to all methods of breaking (lockpicking, bumping, drilling). The added value of the product is the ball bearing fitted above the tumblers. This eliminates the friction between the key and the tumblers ensuring basically zero wear and tear of both the key and the tumblers. This feature, paired mainly with the inner mechanism pull out resistance, places the locks fitted with the TOKOZ TECH mechanics at a higher level security.


Security class 3 100% bumping resistance Maximum protection against drilling 100% protection against lock picking Protection against snapping General master keyed system Industrial areas

What is it ideal for?

It is suitable for demanding daily use. An ideal choice for places with high security demands. Typically for main entrance doors of flats, houses and companies.


  • The main characteristic of the TOKOZ TECH mechanism is its extraordinary security, resistance class 3
  • Protects the locked spaces against all standard methods of breaking in
  • Long lifespan due to low wear of keys and tumblers_MG_0019web

Basic parameters

  • security lock cylinder certified in accordance with the ČSN EN 1303 (security classification 4/C) the ČSN EN 1630, using the 1627 (RC3) 
  • mechanism uses spring-loaded flat tumblers and a ball bearing
  • high resistance to lockpicking
  • higher resistance to drilling and snapping 
  • reliable even in extreme climatic conditions 
  • locking mechanism components made of stainless material
  • compatible with all standard fitting types 
  • suitable for both standard and atypical door thickness
  • possibility of Keyed Alike (KA) with all TOKOZ TECH products
  • possibility of Master Keyed and General Master Keyed systems (SGMK) with the TOKOZ TECH products
  • modular construction - easy conversion into various lengths
  • all-metal keys with plastic distinguishing plates - blue, black, red, orange and grey colours
  • standardly supplied with three keys and an identification card for key duplication