Benefit system - Cafeteria

The Cafeteria plan is one of the most popular employee benefit systems. Our employees can decide for themselves how to use their non-financial benefits. The employees choose their benefits like from a cafeteria menu, which is where the name for this system of optional employee benefits actually comes from.

 What we choose most often:

  • Shopping in pharmacies - let’s face it, everyone needs to go there from time to time
  • Shopping at an optician’s - there are many people wearing glasses among us
  • Holiday vouchers - you can get those at majority of the well-known travel agencies
  • Culture event tickets - directly at the ticket offices or at the most popular web portals
  • Sports facility memberships - who wouldn’t want to stretch their muscles after a long day at the office
  • Books - a nice present or for relaxing on a well-deserved holiday
  • Massages - for our necks stiff from all the computer work or our muscles strained by the manual labour
  • Courses - these help us move forward
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